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Jessica's favorite saying...
“It will be fine...”
Jessica Alfaro
Director of Operations
Hey!  My name is Jessica Alfaro and I am the Director of Operations at Events By Bella.   A fancy title that means I oversee our team and our weddings and events while also running different tasks behind the scenes.
After living in Southern California for the last 8 years, I have returned back to my roots in Charlotte where I was born and raised because you know what they say...there’s nothin like sweet tea! 

I have a degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of California, Riverside and spent a year post-grad traveling around California before moving back to North Carolina and honing in on my interest for all things planning.

When I’m not at work or at a wedding, I can usually be found being taken on a walk by my (much stronger) dog, Dixie who I adopted in November,  I also love spending time with my friends and being outside.  My absolute favorite time of the year is Panthers season, and although I know it’s technically called “football season,” I really only root for one team so I might as well call it like it is! 

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