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Planning & Design Experience

We are a group of women brought together by a passion for the Art of Planning. As we see it, there is a beauty and art to the logistics and execution of any event. Breathing life into the blank slate of an otherwise plain landscape is just the beginning for us. Combining diverse elements and your personal style makes the moments of your day unforgettable.
It's rare to find us in a stuffy conference room, wine bars and tapas are our favorite place to hold staff meetings. We are wine lovers and foodies at heart! Alyssa took a three-month wine tour of Italy (so jealous) a few years ago and has even taught me a thing or two! I researched (and loved every minute of it) all kinds of varietals for my cookbook that is due to be published in 2018. Dinner parties, entertaining and bringing every space to life is our thing and we could not be prouder of it!
So how does this fit your event? Passion, girl! Jessica stays cool, calm and collected while tackling the craziest of design circumstances. Alyssa is our resident expert in logistics, she is going to keep things tight and on track. You will be well ahead of your planning schedule and never have to ask for updates. And me, I specialize in our Bear Lake Reserve weddings. Because of how busy we are, the only planning I get to do now is at their breath-taking venue just a few hours away.
What experience are you looking for? Let us know and we will make it happen!


Planning starts at $500

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Our most popular service, Full Service Experience will ease all your worries! Let Alyssa guide the way.
From Ireland to Hawaii we have made wedding dreams come true! Set your expectations high by kicking off our planning with a 3 to 4 hour comprehensive meeting and a special gift. Because we are fully digitial, I can keep you informed every step of the way. With a designated calendar and personalized To-Do list, you will always know what I'm up to.  Full Service Planning lets me help you tell each part of your love story, so lets begin...​​

Just you and me! Amanda's Full Consultation is a journey through the experience of your special day.​
Kick off your shoes and settle in to a comfy chair. I'm treating you both to  a glass of warm red wine or hot coffee. Let's get those planning woes eased. It isn’t just about the techincal process, it is about atmosphere and quality that will set the tone. I believe in taking my time while giving you a complete picture of your special day. Join me!

Classic Planning is our partial planning service  which begins three months prior.
Locked in all or most of your vendors? This is our Partial Planning with a Full Service feel. Kacie and I will come in and pick up where you left off with your vendors, do a detailed contract review, timeline logistics, etc. and take it all the way to the finish line! Leave the final planning to us while you focus on celebrating!​

Amanda and Bear Lake team up to create the unique magic you are looking for in a Destination Wedding.
You will never want to leave the breathtaking views of your weekend wedding excursion! This is for an intimate guest list and personalized experience. With this royal experience, you are surrounded by every expert in the industry all in one place! As a busy professional you will feel the stress of planning wash away as an elite team guides you through your custom planning and design process. 
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